Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of services does Shaping Paws offer?

  • Live video behavioral consultations for pet owners all around the world
  • In-person behavioral consultations for pet owners in and around the Seattle, WA area
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What should I expect during the initial consultation?

During your appointment, the history questionnaire will be reviewed in detail. Foundational skills will be modeled and homework will be assigned to bridge the time between the initial consult and recheck appointments.

Will you use treats during the appointment?

Shaping Paws will give your pet food rewards for good behavior during the consultations.

If your pet requires a special diet, please let us know.

Do you need to see my pet exhibit its problem behaviors to be able to help?

A common concern is that owners want their pet’s problem behavior to be witnessed during a consultation, e.g., for them to react to their triggers, in order for the treatment to be effective.

This is generally not necessary in order to provide a personalized intervention package.

How much will this cost?

It depends on your pet’s specific case. Most clients budget for 2-4 meetings over a span 1-2 months.

Remember, this includes support and coaching every day between your visits.

How does Shaping Paws support my pet and me between visits?

Shaping Paws offers email support for problem solving issues and cheerleading on (and celebrating!) behavioral breakthroughs.

You are free to send short video clips (2-3 minutes) of the training exercises for specific feedback.

What is a threshold and what does it mean to keep my pet under threshold?

Keeping a pet under threshold means that the animal remains in a zone where learning can take place, and behaviors can be shaped.

Who will do the training during the session?

It depends on your pet’s comfort level. If your dog or cat are comfortable with strangers, Carolyn will model and work with your dog directly before you practice the exercise; however, if your dog or cat are over threshold in the presence of Carolyn, she will happily coach you through the steps while you work with your pet.