How We Help

Are walks with your dog a nightmare instead of a relaxed stroll?

Fearful of what your dog might do around visitors?

Frustrated with your cat not using the litterbox?

Stressed about not being able to leave your dog home alone?

Anxious that your pet may hurt another animal?

Shaping Paws understands the stress and heartache that can come with having a furry friend who exhibits these behaviors, especially aggression. If you are at your wit’s end, we can help! Enjoy spending time with your pet again.

What we offer:

✔ Offers in-home* and virtual consultations

✔ Years of experience working with pets of all breeds and backgrounds

✔ Personalized programs tailored to your pet’s unique personality, history, and needs

✔ Focused, expert support for all your questions and concerns

✔ A holistic approach that takes into account your pet’s physical, emotional, and environmental factors to ensure long-term success

*In home services in the greater Seattle area

How we work:

15-minute free phone consultation

60-90 minute initial assessment session ($200 per hour).

Remember, this rate includes support and coaching every day between sessions

Packages offered for followup sessions

How you will feel:

Relief from worry

Relief from frustration

Relief from embarrrassment

Relief from guilt

If you are ready for relief for you and your pet, let’s take the first step together:

Book your 15-minute free phone consultation today