A good behavior modification (BM) program is designed to keep everyone safe as possible — so that means we do not take unnecessary chances. However, the photo below is a testament to the power of a carefully implemented and controlled BM program. This dog has a history of killing rabbits and kittens when out on walks. Carolyn was “adopted” by this kitten and she decided to try to integrate the two with a careful program. Clearly it has been very successful. So while we cannot fix everything and this result is not possible in every situation, it should give hope to owners that have sometimes seemingly impossible goals.

Dr. Lore I. Haug

MS, DACVB (Veterinary Behaviorist)

I loved working with Carolyn! We’ve been struggling with my dog’s Frankie’s reactivity on leash and in our house to dogs and noises outside, as well as greeting people calmly. Carolyn has equipped me with the tools I need to know how to even begin training, how to progress the training, slowly at Frankie’s pace, and how to troubleshoot when things become too difficult for her. We are really making progress and I’m excited to keep using the skills I’ve learned. I love seeing Frankie feel more relaxed and volunteer going to her bed more regularly.

Frankie's Mom

Carolyn came to our house to help resolve some behavioral issues with our dog. He often has to wear a cone for some ongoing health issues, and has started to resist (who wouldn’t?!), but angrily. It was becoming a problem. With a clear, patient method that Carolyn demonstrated to us, after 5-10 minutes our dog was VOLUNTARILY putting his head through the cone!!! It was unreal. Carolyn knows and loves dogs, has tremendous experience and expertise, and it shows. She offered great advice and sources for some other issues, and gave (and is continuing to give!) more follow-up support than I would have ever imagined. Carolyn is there for you. She’s generous, professional, and knows her stuff. A treasure for dog owners who want a better relationship with their dog.

Beau's Mom

Carolyn was the lead Behavior Assistant to Dr. Lore Haug when I reached out for help with my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Trixie Grace. Trixie was prone to fear bite episodes toward us and the veterinarian during a visit. Carolyn worked with us both to help Trixie Grace learn to become more comfortable being touched and handled, resulting in Trixie Grace and I being registered as a “Predictable Team” for Pet Partners across 4 years.

Trixie Grace and I would not have made these accomplishments as a Pet Partner without Carolyn’s directions and interactions.

Trixie's Mom

Thank you Shaping Paws for helping me create peace between my two corgis. Beds were a huge trigger for Lady when I first got her and she would have attacked Mickie when he approached like this. Now, she is calm and relaxed around him! If you ever need help with behavior issues Carolyn with Shaping Paws has been incredible for us. We never would have gotten to this place without her.

Lady's Mom